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I color your world

Through Playful Solutions in Work & in Daily Life!

Meet sarah

Play Alchemist & Creative Entrepreneur

As a multi-passionate, creative entrepreneur, I share my ever-evolving, kaleidoscopic offerings to bring in more color, play and love to the world!

Challenging the limits of my imagination and rebelling against the status quo are what I thrive on, always seeking magic and adventure in unlikely spaces. I express myself through various creative mediums. Through my holistic business, Curious Sunshine, I teach people how to live vibrantly.


Living life colorfully is what I do, and what I will help you do, too!


My Specialities

Curious Sunshine

Embark on your holistic journey to self discovery with Curious Sunshine! Color your world through mindfulness, curiosity and play!


I guide you through a one-of-a-kind  methodology that invites more liberation, authenticity and joy into your life.

Book a class, Quirkshop or Holistic Play Coaching session today!

Kaleidoscope Playhouse Design

I offer a kaleidoscope of services including:

  • Branding and Logo Design

  • Activity Book Design and Publishing

  • Puzzlecrafting & Puzzle Hunts

Image by Jakob Owens

Chilly Bean art

See my inner workings through various forms of creative mediums! As "Chilly Bean" I specialize in murals, painting, custom kicks and shiny baubles!


Take a bold step down the rabbit hole of imagination & play

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