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Meet Sarah

Play Alchemist & Creative Entrepreneur

Hi! I am Sarah and welcome to my Kaleidoscope Playhouse!

As a multipassionate creative entrepreneur, I wanted to create a platform where I can share all of my passions with you!

As I was conducting my various businesses and initiatives, I would always get "I don't know exactly what you do, you do so many things." And I agreed with them! After realizing that I can exist in multiple ways which all of my selves can be celebrated, I decided to launch Sarah's Kaleidoscope Playhouse. I chose this name because, like a Kaleidoscope, my expression is ever-changing, creating new colorful patterns. Additionally, I love to play with ideas and discover new things and though some of them can differ from another, they are all part of me. Following the belief that houses in the dream state resemble our subconscious, view this as my Kaleidoscopic Playhouse!

Nifty Facts

  • I am from Central Valley California and moved to Colorado in 2016 to attend grad school.

  • I love to sing, dance, cook and garden!

  • I definitely play video games. Loyal Nintendo fan

  • My favorite genres of books/movies are horror, fantasy, scifi, mystery/thriller, and comedy

  • I am an audiophile (LOVE music)! But the genres always in rotation are hip hop, house, indie rock and reggae

  • I spend a considerable amount of time with my cat, Charlemagne (named after the king of France).


Journey Gems


  • Graduated with B.A. in Graphic Design & Minor in Dance - CSU Fresno


  • TESL Brazil

  • Moved to Colorado


  • Wilderness Solo


  • Graduated with M.A. in Environmental Leadership- Naropa University

  • Started Curious Sunshine


  • Published first activity book, Black in Color


  • Chilly Bean!


  • First Mural


  • Presented at the U.S. Play Conference

  • Published second book, Black in Color Remix


  • Started Sarah's Kaleidoscope Playhouse

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